Friday, July 23, 2010

Wheppin if . . .?

Dallin sometimes creates his own little language and it takes us awhile to figure out what he is saying. Lately he has been asking, "What would happen if . . . " (fill in the blanks). He asks the question so often that he has created his own contraction: WHEPPIN.

Dallin: Mom, wheppin if you have no eyes?
Mom: You wouldn't be able to see.

Dallin: Wheppin if you have no fingernails?
Mom: Ummm . . . . (I often just trail off because I don't know how to answer)

Dallin: Wheppin if you have no eyebrows?
Wheppin if your mouth falls out?
Wheppin if you have no heart? You have no love?
Wheppin if you have no hair?
Wheppin if you have no head?
Mom or Dad: You would die.
Dallin: Why?

Each of these questions has been asked multiple times to both of us. They are his favorites. He knows the answers . . . maybe he is just trying to fill some awkward silences. I don't think he is physically able to let a silent moment pass without filling it with some noise. He talks constantly. I have been know to turn on the TV just for a break from the constant chatter.

He is also really preoccupied with pee and poop. He thinks it's funny to talk about it. Despite our best efforts to discourage the subject matter, he constantly talks about it. Today I asked him if he wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. "No, I want a pee sandwich."

Mom: Dallin, that's really disgusting. You don't really want a pee sandwich, don't talk like that. Now, what kind of sandwhich do you want?

Dallin: I want a pee sandwich (mischeivous giggle)

Mom: All right.

So I went in the kitchen to make his pee sandwich (honey) As I was drizzling on the honey, Dallin came in the room and saw the "pee" go on the sandwich. He got really upset and realized that he didn't want a pee sandwich. After a minute of teasing, I eased his spirit by revealing what the pee actually was.

I don't think he'll ask for a pee sandwich again. Although he did ask for a "poopcicle" later in the day.

He's actually really cute, but I guess you'll just have to trust me on that one.


Jenny said...

I love the "wheppin" contraction.

Lael said...

Cute kids, Veli. How are you doing?

Brooke said...

I just stumbled on your blog looking for cardboard box pirate ship diy's. This entry had me rolling on the floor! Loved it

miss kitti said...

Call me perverse, but have you tried offering a fudgecicle?

I too, love the "wheppin".